Our mission

The employees of the German Red Cross Blood Donor Service Baden-Wuerttemberg – Hessen work hard every day in fulfilling the mission, which is, to provide hospitals and patients with a safe and sufficient supply with blood products and cellular therapeutics as well as laboratory and research support.

Safety of blood products has been one of the major goals in the past and will be a challenge, which is accepted for the future as well. In 1997, the institute in Frankfurt was the first worldwide to introduce mini-pool PCR (polymerase chain reaction = nucleic acid testing (NAT)) for HIV, HBV and HCV in routine blood donor screening as the prerequisite of release of red cells, platelet concentrates and fresh frozen plasma.

Today, blood transfusion in Europe is as safe as never before in the history of modern medicine. To keep such a high safety and supply level, numerous endeavours have been made.