Duties & responsibilities

The German Red Cross Blood Donor Service Baden-Wuerttemberg – Hessen works in a dedicated, research-driven network of about 2,000 health care professionals in order to ensure a safe and sufficient supply with blood products for more than one third of the German population as well as consulting and laboratory services for the more than 800 hospitals in Germany, happy to serve on a “24 hours per day, 365 days per year” basis.

Apart from the 1.25 million of whole blood donations and about 200,000 apheresis donations per year, we perform more than 20 million of laboratory tests every year. These tests comprise serology testing, NAT, blood grouping and antibody tests of blood donations, crossmatching and antibody screening for transfusion recipients as well as organ recipients, HLA typing for stem cell donors, bone marrow donors as well as recipients of these grafts and HLA typing of donors and recipients of solid organs like kidney, liver, heart or lung.

In our institutes in Frankfurt/Main, Mannheim and Ulm, we house bone marrow donor registries which comprise more than 120,000 HLA-typed potential stem cell donors. In addition, our subsidiary, the Blood Donor Service East, runs bone marrow donor registries in Dresden and Cottbus.